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An eastern Kentucky business has secured a large supply contract with a federal agency and that means new jobs are on the way.  The Department of Homeland Security has entered into a deal with Dropbox Incorporated, a business based in Worthington, Kentucky.  The development process between Dropbox and DHS took a little less than a decade to finalize but they are now in the production phase.  The $2 million contract will not only call for more supplies but also dozens of jobs in the area. ”Well, we currently have about 110 employees and I think we’re going to at least add another 30, 40.  Probably mostly welders, there’s a lot of steel that goes in these, in this project.  A lot of big, heavy plate steel.  So we’re going to be buying a lot of local steel,” said CEO Robert Slagel of Portable Solutions Group. 

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Chamber of Commerce

ASHLAND, Ky. — Several local philanthropic organizations made sizable pledges to the new Clark Family Discovery Center campaign at the Highlands Museum on Saturday night during Dancing with Our Stars. The John W. Clark Oil Company pledged $125,000 and Clarks Pump-N-Shop pledged another $125,000 to the Clark Family Discovery Center, bringing the total pledged amount to $250,000. “The Clark family presented us with a big pledge,” Highlands Museum and Discovery Center Director Carol Allen said. “We're incredibly excited. There were three presentations total. And, the architect and design team are already at work.” The Clark family were among several charitable donors at Dancing with Our Stars. The Foundation for the Tri-State presented a check for $61,000 with $51,000 of those funds pledged by the Woodlands Advised Fund and $10,000 from the Mansbach Foundation Fund. The Woodlands Foundation also presented a $50,000 pledge to the Clark Family Discovery Center.

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President's Report

February 1, 2019

AK Steel and Moving Forward I am writing my Friday piece to you, our members and friends on Wednesday because I will be out of the office on Friday. We are preparing for meetings with companies looking for opportunity and expansion in their future. We are going to share what this region has to offer. But, I have the headlines in my head of the AK Steel announcement and how 230 families are now thinking about their future. AK Steel, Armco, The American Rolling Mill all are the names that for the last 97 years have been an essential part of the economic fabric of Ashland and Northeast Kentucky. The announcement of the closing of the plant wasn’t a surprise but, was a sad day for all of us. Nearly five years ago, on my first visit to the Ashland Works facility, I could see what many of us knew. The facility was dated and didn’t look to be keeping up with the times.  Without the rolling mill, it was not as competitive as some other facilities. So, the time has come, and now we move on.