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Marathon Career Fair a big success

CATLETTSBURG, Ky. — Students Riley Schneider, Reagan Lewis and Maribeth Yerian learned a lot on Wednesday morning, but their schooling on this day wasn't in a traditional classroom.

Instead, the students from Harvest Christian Academy were among thousands of youth from the Tri-State who made their way through Marathon Petroleum's Career Fair. The Fair, held in Boyd County at Marathon's training facility off Highway 23, seeks to pique the interests of youth in science, math, technology and perhaps spark the thought — over the long haul — about careers at Marathon.

"It's been a really good learning experience," Schneider said after taking in information about petroleum products and the blending necessary to produce them.

School volunteers Becky Rollins and Sandy Rowley traveled to the fair with the kids and were impressed with the educational opportunities on display.

"Our kids are at that age where they start thinking about their future," Rowley said.

A gymnasium at Marathon is transformed into a classroom for a two and a half week stretch. Booth after booth at the event teaches about the operations at the refinery, from fire and rescue to security, processing of petroleum, safety and lab testing. The event also features an anti-bullying booth where students can learn about compassion and deterring bullying.


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