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Greenbo Lake State Park upgrades complete

GREENBO LAKE STATE PARK — After a year and a half the facilities at Greenbo Lake State Park are once again open and ready to serve both the community and tourists alike. During the down time the park staff completed not only the necessary repairs and renovations but also many other needed upgrades to the park.

Park Director Stephanie Poplin said that her staff weathered the changes and challenges – such as operating all of the park’s business out of the Marina area during the repair time – and that everyone stepped up and did much more than expected of them. The park was able to retain all of the full time staff during the difficult time, and that everyone learned to do what was necessary to make it a success. “We were all one big close, cozy family for eighteen months,” Poplin said.

Poplin said that a major perk to the renovation process, and keeping the full time staff during the renovation, was that it allowed Greenbo to tackle other projects. “It was a wonderful bonus that we were able to take on special projects that we wanted to do but just weren’t able to do before, and do them as part of the renovation process.” And another bonus, Poplin said, was that since the staff ‘walked a mile’ in the shoes of employees that performed other jobs, it gave everyone a better understanding of the challenges and difficulties inherent with other departments and positions.


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