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Community works together in recruitment of Braidy Industries

GREENUP, Ky. — Braidy Industries announces the construction of a $1.3 Billion aluminum rolling mill in East Park*.   The announcement comes with 500 full-time jobs and 1,000 construction jobs for the Greenup County site.

The Ashland Alliance is proud to share its local story in partnership with the Governor’s official press release for Braidy Industries’ announcement in Northeast Kentucky.

The Ashland Alliance commends the faith Braidy Industries has shown in the region in the selection of their facility location.  In addition, the leadership shown by Governor Bevin in his day to day, hour to hour recruitment efforts will impact generations.

The Alliance wants to take this moment to say thank you.  The organization understands how the community had to work together, build on its collective strengths and share with the world, who it is and what it has to offer.   In addition, the Ashland Alliance feels it is appropriate to highlight the role its partners played in this project.  Kentucky Power, Kentucky Career Center, Woodlands Foundation, and the Greenup County Judge Executive Bobby Carpenter, all played leading roles in representing Northeast Kentucky.   The Alliance and its partners are proud to say Braidy Industries represents a new day and new opportunity for the region and its people. 

The Ashland Alliance is honored to have played its role in this announcement and the recruitment of Braidy Industries.   Today is a celebration of Braidy Industries, the State of Kentucky, and the people that will benefit from the opportunity for work and investment in our community. 

Ashland Alliance Chairman Andrew Jones stated, “I am thinking about the excitement and potential of a new future for our area and our generation.    Names from the past

that paved the way in this community such as Blazer, Mansbach and Verity would be thrilled with this announcement.  It is fitting that Braidy Industries plans to construct the most modern metal manufacturing facility in the world and our workforce will lead the way for generations to come.”

Tim Gibbs, President and CEO of the Ashland Alliance stated, “We know the path to today it took 1,000 steps by many over the years.  I am proud of the work that my staff and board has done to help make this day a reality.  We are not finished; this is the beginning.  Today is the start of how we rebuild the economy of Northeast Kentucky.”

The Ashland Alliance is a regional Economic Development and Chamber of Commerce organization serving Northeast Kentucky.  It is made up of 500 members and serves 82,500 residents in Boyd and Greenup Counties.

*UPDATED 11/14/2017

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