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City commission lays groundwork for more alcohol sales

ASHLAND, Ky. — The City of Ashland’s alcohol sales status is unique to the rest of the state, and the city commission introduced an ordinance that could enable an expansion of the “Ashland law.”

The commission gave initial approval to an ordinance declaring the Carp precinct “adversely affected by the legal sale of alcohol in neighboring precincts.”

The Carp precinct is on the north side of Winchester, from just past 25th Street to 35th Street. The precinct is barely outside the Central precinct. The Central and Moore precincts are the only two precincts in which alcohol can be legally sold.

Carp has about 480 registered voters. The city’s declaration would enable voters in Carp to decide whether or not they’d approve of alcohol being sold in their precinct – if a single-precinct special election is held.

The only way a special election could occur is if 25 percent of registered voters in Carp sign a petition in favor of alcohol sales. The Carp precinct includes a gas station owned by John Clark, who spurred the petition for an unsuccessful, Boyd County-wide alcohol sales expansion election last year.

City Community and Economic Development Director Chris Pullem recommended the city commission declare the Carp precinct adversely affected prior to the vote. He said an expansion of alcohol sales could result in new business development in the city.

“The declaration supports our efforts to allow for a precinct-wide vote for alcohol sales in Carp precinct,” said Pullem. “We (the economic development division) believe its proximity to Central precinct and Moore precinct … has adversely affected the economy.


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