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Braidy announces scholarship fund for local students

The shareholders of Braidy Industries have established a $10,000 Leadership Scholarship Fund for Greenup and Boyd County High School students, the company said in a statement that also identified the company's shareholders.

The fund will be dedicated to senior students "continuing on to post-secondary studies, who have demonstrated exemplary leadership in the course of their high school careers. It is expected that scholarship candidates will be peer-nominated," the company said.

“Having received such a warm welcome from Eastern Kentucky, we wanted to give back to the kids," said Craig Bouchard, Braidy Industries chairman and chief executive officer. "They hold the keys to a successful future for the region. Each of the Braidy Industries shareholders takes responsibility to the community seriously and we will do all we can to make our region the crown jewel of the Commonwealth."

In the announcement the company also identified its shareholders and said they represent 100 percent of the company's ownership.


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