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Boyd County schools receive big energy rebate

ASHLAND, Ky. — The Boyd County Board of Education on Thursday received about $20,000 in cash incentives from Kentucky Power after completing energy-saving projects, including lighting and heating improvements.

The upgrades were installed in 2017 at Boyd County Middle School. The county worked with Kentucky Power’s Commercial Incentive Prescriptive Custom Program to earn the cash back for the completed improvements. The improvements included lighting upgrades to LED lights, as well as the installation of programmable thermostats for the school’s HVAC system. The rebate program has since been discontinued by order of the Kentucky Public Service Commission to reduce surcharges charged to customers.

“Investing in energy efficiency projects is one way our customers save money and energy,” said E.J. Clayton, who led Kentucky Power’s energy efficiency and consumer programs. “When schools and other government agencies like the Boyd County Board of Education reduce energy consumption, the money saved can be invested elsewhere.”

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