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Ashland alcohol sales expand via special election

CATLETTSBURG, Ky. — The legal sale of alcohol in Ashland will expand to a third precinct after a mini-landslide election Tuesday in the city’s Carp precinct.

The final tally in the Carp-only special election was 17-5 in favor of allowing alcohol sales inside the east Ashland district. Carp has about 480 registered voters.

The vote expands the city’s unique alcohol sales status from the Moore and Central precincts to Carp. Any future alcohol license seekers who hope to locate a business in Carp must comply with the same rules in place for businesses in the Moore and Central precincts.

State licenses allowing the sale of packaged alcohol will be available, meaning existing gas stations will be able to obtain a license to sell packaged beer in the precinct. Potential restaurant developers could also obtain license to sell alcohol by the drink, but like restaurants in the Moore and Central precincts, they must maintain 50 percent of their profits from food sales, meaning bars are effectively banned.

The alcohol sales status everywhere else in the county, including Catlettsburg, is considered “moist,” meaning alcohol can only be sold by the drink at establishments that make 50 percent of their profits from food.

Carp voters turned out for a 2016 county-wide vote on alcohol sales in much larger numbers. In total, 176 Carp residents cast a ballot in that special election, with 98 voting no and 78 voting yes, according to the clerk’s office.


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