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Tomcat Bourbon and Brew House opens for business

ASHLAND, Ky — Tomcat Bourbon and Brew House is officially open for business. 

Flatbreads, candied bacon with a bourbon maple glaze, flank steak and of course bourbon, tots and sliders are all on the menu and the kitchen is open.

The venue began in February with plans to open in June, but the project turned out much bigger than expected, said co-owner Scott Ball. However, in the end, it was worth it all, he said.

Ball and fellow owner Scott Wamsley are both 2003 graduates of Ashland and played football and baseball, respectively, during their time in school. Now they own the Tomcat Bourbon and Brew House located on 29th Street.

The two chose 29th Street in order to develop an area they say has been dead for 40 years. Now, the brew house sits within walking distance of many.

Ball explained that most people who live in Ashland do or have lived in South Ashland, and there isn’t another area as densely populated “until you get to Lexington,” said Ball.

The two have created an area full of Tomcat pride that local residents can enjoy. Ball said it is a great place for date night. The brew house has tables and a bar inside as well as an outdoor patio complete with a covered stage for live entertainment. 

The establishment offers food, drinks and an atmosphere full of history.


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