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Youth Leadership Program

Educating & Advancing Our Youth

The Youth Leadership Program increases interaction between businesses and the youth in the region.

The program takes part in sessions designed to educate on community issues, encourage mutual respect and facilitate in a shared concern for a commitment to the advancement of Boyd and Greenup counties.

It is the goal of the Ashland Alliance to instill in these young people the responsibility for their own lives, and the lives of others and society, and to develop responsibilities for leadership in each area.

The program is comprised of 40 juniors from seven high schools in Boyd and Greenup counties and meets once monthly for seven months. Students are granted school attendance for sessions attended.

Youth Leadership Group Visits Frankfort

FRANKFORT, Ky. — A group of students with the Ashland Alliance Youth Leadership Program got an up-close look at how government operates at the state level during a recent visit to Frankfort.

The group, comprised of 17 students from the seven high schools in Boyd and Greenup counties, were in Frankfort on a strict schedule to squeeze in as much as possible in a day. They visited the Kentucky State Capitol and met with area legislators, Sen. Robin Webb., D-Grayson, and Rep. Tanya Pullin, D-South Shore.

The group also sat in on a House session and attend a smoke-free legislation rally.

Program Graduates 46 Area Students on 20th Anniversary

ASHLAND, Ky. — Youth Leadership of Boyd and Greenup Counties held its 20th Annual Graduation and Banquet on March 11 at Bellefonte Country Club. It was a great success with 46 juniors from our seven local high schools completing the requirements of this program. During the evening they also gave a brief report on their community projects that they have to complete through out the year. These students did a tremendous job!

Participants in the program are juniors from the seven high schools in Boyd and Greenup counties. They spend one day a month in sessions that focus on such topics as: economic development, government, community improvement, arts & culture, volunteerism and leadership development. The program has two goals: the first is to instill in participants a sense of responsibility for their own lives and the lives of others; the second is to develop leadership skills so these young people can take part in shaping the future of our region.

Youth Leadership of Boyd and Greenup Counties is one of two leadership programs sponsored by the Ashland Alliance. It is also now one of three youth programs of its kind in the state of Kentucky. The two, Leadership Madison County and Carter County Youth Leadership, were modeled after our program with the assistance of Missy McCalvin.

We would also like to thank our committee of volunteers who give of their time to make this program a success:

  • Chuck Williams, Classy Limo – Chairman
  • Jaime Bloss – Ashland Town Center
  • Karen Coburn – Ashland Community & Technical College
  • Kim Harrison – King’s Daughters Medical Center
  • Alice Martin – Town Square Bank
  • Alexis Mattingly – Huddleston Bolen
  • Leon Mattingly – Liebert Corp.
  • Ann Perkins – Safe Harbor
  • Melanie Cornelison – Paramount Arts Center

Graduates by School

  1. Hannah Irvine
  2. Cameron Mullins

  1. Jaclyn “Brie” Gillian
  2. Madison Humphrey
  3. Haley Layne
  4. Tayler Thompson
  5. Patrick “Logen” Thouson

  1. Brandi Ashley
  2. Austin Blevins
  3. Alexandria “Alex” Lacey
  4. Brittany Potter
  5. Samantha Romans
  6. Kalee Rusnak

  1. Charity Collins
  2. Jonathan Dingess
  3. Emily Ford
  4. Cameron Garner
  5. Peter Jenkins
  6. Logan Jones
  7. Maya McKenzie
  8. Ragan Neill
  9. Hunter Prince
  10. Whitney Rudie
  11. Margaret “Maggie” Wonn

  1. Kendall Baker
  2. Austin Baldridge
  3. Makenzie Davidson
  4. Megan Farley
  5. Peyton Hale
  6. Mary Kress
  7. Madison Wilburn

  1. Darion “Paige” Brammer
  2. Olivia Kee
  3. Madison Crum
  4. Jacob “Jake” Daniel
  5. David Stringer

  1. Nadine Abul-Khoudoud
  2. Caroline Briggs
  3. Mackenzie Darnell
  4. Madeline “Maddie” Fletcher
  5. Alexis “Lexie” Frisby
  6. Madison Gallaher
  7. Kenna Kazee
  8. Angela Patton
  9. Kelsey Thomas
  10. Cassandra “Cassie” Woolley

  1. David Bush
  2. Morgan Casto
  3. J. D. Cook

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