Ashland Alliance

Alliance Leadership

The mission of the Ashland Alliance Corporation is to advance the economic development and business prosperity of Boyd and Greenup counties and the surrounding region by:

  • Aggressively pursuing job creation opportunities and job retention programs.
  • Promoting capital investment in the area by both public and private sources.
  • Fostering a business climate leading to increased trade and commerce among its members.
  • Initiating and supporting civil, social, cultural and educational programs designed to increase the quality of life in the area.
  • Providing a unified voice and point of focus for coordinating efforts with external parties.

Alliance Staff Members

Tim Gibbs


Amanda Clark

Vice President of Operations

Paula Mayo

Administrative Assistant

Missy McCalvin


Andrew Jones

Board of Directors Chairman

Board of Directors

  • Larry Anderson
  • Eddie Blakeley
  • Brent Brown
  • Doug Brown
  • Judge Robert Carpenter *
  • Sue Dowdy
  • Tim Gibbs *
  • Carl "C.C." Gibbs
  • Mayor Steve Gilmore
  • Mitch Hall
  • Kevin Halter *
  • Clayton Hill
  • John L. Holbrook
  • Mayor Bill Hopkins
  • Ervena Howard-Kiser
  • Susan Hunt
  • Andrew Jones *
  • Tom Leach
  • Jason Leadingham
  • Brad Levi
  • Whitney Lowe
  • E.B. Lowman III
  • Ron McCloud
  • Sherry McDavid
  • Kim Nall
  • April R. Perry
  • Ryan Reames
  • Scott Rigsby
  • Nickie Smith
  • John Spears *
  • Jason Suman
  • Laura Timberlake
  • Judge Steve Towler
  • Earl Twinam
  • Kristie Whitlatch *

*Executive Committee Member

The Original Star of the Tri-State Region

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